The story

1972, the years of Italian economic boom.
At that time so great was the enthusiasm in doing and with such expectations for future that many (young entrepreneurs and families) decided to start new activities give their best in many fields of manufacture, commerce and services. Among those ones also: Giovanni, Gabriella and Graziella, with their technical experience in manufacturing and managing - acquired working for big companies - started the first outline of present Camiceria Etrusca.

The aim of Camiceria Etrusca has always been to produce nice men, women and children’s shirts and to offer a wide range of high level services. In spite of the difficulties faced throughout the years, the company has succeeded in keeping in touch with the market, thanks to the foresight of its Direction, to a successful

generational passage, that has given fresh start to activity, to an efficient structure and to qualified workers. The long lasting story of Camiceria Etrusca is a very simple one marked by constant and careful commitment, by a steady progression achieved day after day in every field of activity, by the fruitful cooperation with workers’ unions, suppliers, banks. Camiceria Etrusca is now a manufacturing reality which big Italian brands refer to as a reliable company, by whose services they could widen their products’ offer, spreading  Italian shirts and the style all over the world.
The founding partners are still every day in the company to give their assistance and to remind their sons and cooperators that competence, commitment and seriousness are the right strategy to win the future challenges.