Made to measure

Etrusca Made to Measure s a high level sartorial service alongside the normal men's shirt sales that aims to satisfy those Clients wishing an absolutely perfect garment both in fit and manufacturing, high quality fabrics and accessories and a marked customisation of the models. The Client can perfect the proposed fittings, acting on several points of the body such as neck circumference, shoulder (broad, narrow, straight, rounded,dropped), chest, waist, length of the sleeves, shirt length and making use of the remarkable experience of our model makers.

Beside the basic manufacturing, indeed very refined and rich of details, the Client has a wide choice of collar shapesshirt front shapes (buttonhole side) pocket and cuff shapes. He can add some hand made passages like button wrapping and armhole stitching. He can request the embroidered monogram, washings and much more.

With regard to the fabrics, the service disposes of a great variety of fabric cuttings purchased by the best Italian weaving mills such as Canclini, Thomas Mason, TESTA, Monti that distinguish for their quality level. These fabrics are in natural fibers: cotton, linen, silk with high yarn count (two and three-ply), various weights and above all dyed with natural colours (with all the advantages to health that this implies and that the most attentive Cients control and appreciate). Also the accessories are of equal quality: mother of pearl buttons, soft labels, special sewing thread, the best collar and cuff interlinings, a refined packaging etc. Nothwitstanding the high product quality and the highly reliable service, our prices are abosolutely limited. Delivery times are 10 working days using for the shipping our express couriers that are fast, punctual and not expensive.

Please contact us and we will be glad to illustrate the service in detail.